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Our rental kart program is an opportunity for those who are interested in competitive circle track racing to experience karting before purchasing their own equipment.

A rental includes a 3 hour private test session with a race ready kart, experienced help and entry level coaching for ages 5 and up.

These are fast, purpose built, racing machines capable of speeds in excess of 60 mph in our adult divisions.
It is required that you bring your own safety equipment. If you need help finding any of this equipment, contact us and we can help you find it at an affordable price.

We only require three pieces of personal safety equipment:
1.) A full face helmet
2.) Gloves. Karting or mechanics gloves.
3.) An abrasion resistant jacket

It costs $150 for the 3 hour private test session and an additional $150 plus entry fee to race. However you must first complete the 3 hour test before you are allowed to race.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a rental contact:
Ryan @ (207) 432-8450

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